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podcasts: good, bad, and ugly

September 7, 2010 1 comment

I realize some careful readers may find it odd that someone who graduated from Liberty University and attends a Presbyterian (PCA) church spends so much time and spills so much virtual ink talking about Issues Etc., a Lutheran (LCMS) media product. This is more an accident of history than anything else, but it probably deserves some explanation. Over the course of a couple of posts I’ll try to illuminate some of that history.

In about 2006 I went looking for Liberty University podcasts; there wasn’t much available then: a Convocation podcast that wasn’t frequently updated, the Ergun Caner Sects and Cults podcast, of which there are less than a dozen episodes, and not much else. Liberty has since then made a vast amount of free content available, most of it through iTunes U; I should probably revisit that decision.

I was a Richard Land listener for a while, to both Richard Land Live! and For Faith and Family. The former is primarily concerned with current events; the latter is mostly a place for authors to push books. I dropped the former after deciding (fairly or otherwise) that Land mostly recycles Fox News headlines. I dropped the latter after it went through a long stretch of reruns. I also realized that Land rarely asked any probing questions of his guests, so I was mostly hearing a half-hour-long commercial for a book I wasn’t likely to read.

I was a VCY America Crosstalk listener for a while too. I’ve had a hard time figuring out what the VCY people are, exactly; it’s probably informative that they’re based in Wisconsin and founder Vic Eliason received an honorary degree from Bob Jones University. I dropped them while co-host Ingrid Schlueter was off on maternity leave; Brannon Howse filled in a lot during her absence, and I just got tired of hearing “Barack Obama is a Fabian Socialist” over and over. I got the feeling I was hearing John Birch Society talking points, and I’ve already heard enough of those. Also, Eliason tends to serve up World Net Daily articles uncritically, which struck me as a step down from what Richard Land was doing.

I listened to Chris Rosebrough’s podcast Fighting for the Faith for a while, too. I think at the time his show was running about three hours per episode, three to four days a week, and it just got to be too much of a time investment for too little return. Rosebrough, if I recall correctly, is a former Evangelical, now Lutheran, former Lutheran seminarian now working in a secular profession. I got tired of the whole “traditional liturgy is cool, lattes are bad” Pirate Christian Radio vibe, too. I really wish Rosebrough would follow Todd Wilken’s lead and split his content into multiple episodes to make it easier to browse.

In a later post I’ll give a similar treatment to what I’m listening to now. I’m always open to suggestions; they’re welcome in the comment section attached.