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two quick unrelated news items

Here are a couple of articles that are part of ongoing trends, and while they’re not especially exciting in and of themselves they’re worth checking out because of the big narrative they’re part of.

  1. Secret Service, IRS investigating Eddie Long’s church [link]. For political speech? No, for scamming people out of their retirement money. I guess it goes without saying: if your church starts holding wealth-building seminars it’s time to find another church. Just saying.
  2. A megachurch in Alabama has taken over another failing small local church and made it a campus church [link]. Kudos to reporter Greg Garrison for not mentioning the recession.

Regarding the second story: there probably are churches that are failing due to the recession, but by and large I would be tempted to ascribe the consolidation in the church business as part of a demographic shift rather than blaming tough economic times. I think it’s due to smaller congregations getting older and aging out of their prime giving years. I’d be tempted to say that if the recession were hitting churches hard then we’d be seeing the megachurch collapse everybody swears is coming.


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