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KFXB-TV, Dubuque, IA local programming

I have a soft spot in my heart for locally-produced religious programming, whether it’s good or bad, and I tend to seek it out wherever I can find it. Unfortunately in the age of TBN, saturation syndication of folks like Creflo Dollar, Pat Robertson, and Kenneth Copeland it’s getting hard to find. And that’s a shame. You’ll hear themes and topics on these small-market shows you just won’t hear anywhere else.

CTN is a smallish network based in Florida [link] with I think thirteen affiliates, only one west of the Mississippi. Their programming mostly consists of second-tier health-and-wealth folks; think TBN without the Crouches. Instead their marquee program is a telethon-style show called The Great Awakening, which I think I’ve mentioned before.

I have been picking up their programming on KFXB, their only K-callsign affiliate, based in Dubuque. Right now they run local ministers in their 9:30PM timeslot four nights a week, and they’re a mixed bag [link]: a Presbyterian, a Lutheran, a Baptist, and (wait for it) a graduate of Liberty University.

Let me refer interested viewers to the KFXB YouTube feed [link]. It isn’t easy to find half-hour videos on YouTube with zero views, but you may find one or more linked there. So far I’ve managed to catch Rhonda Wink, she of the hot pink blazers and lime green set, and Jeff Pedersen, whose production values predate the invention of chroma key. At a passing glance the casual viewer may be forgiven for thinking Wink’s show is a children’s show. Or that she just might be Suze Orman with dark hair.

I caught about twenty minutes of Pedersen tonight; I have no idea what his text was, but I can’t remember the last time I heard a preacher call out playing slot machines as a sin. Joe Bob says check it out.


  1. Timothy F Simpson
    September 29, 2011 at 10:00 pm

    A weird collection you ask me. The Liberty woman embarrassingly has business degrees.

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