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for Liberty football player a felony drug arrest qualifies as “self-reporting”

So my alma mater has decided to reinstate a football player after he was suspended following arrests for possession of cocaine and marijuana [link].

Chapman was arrested on Aug. 26 by Lynchburg Police and charged with one count each of felony cocaine possession and misdemeanor marijuana possession. He was released on bail. The charges are outstanding as Chapman awaits his day in court.

“Liberty University has a longstanding policy regarding the treatment of students who self-report, requesting assistance,” Liberty vice president of Student Affairs Mark Hine said in a university release. “Student affairs will extend the same grace to Asa as would be extended to any student in a similar circumstance.”

Lots of fodder for cheap jokes here; I’m not going to make any of them.

Many years ago Bob Jones University stopped participating in intercollegiate athletics; the justification from Bob Jones Sr. involved something about baseball players “littering the campus with liquor bottles.” I might gently suggest he was onto something.

  1. Paul Cole
    December 26, 2012 at 11:10 pm

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Your views and critiques are insightful (except when I disagree). The idea of self-reporting meant he came to the university to report prior to any release of the arrest was made. I remember Dr. Falwell having a young talented athelete make a public apology for a serious transgression during a chapel service (about ’79). There have been others over the years. Some benefitted from the opportunity and others did not. Only time will tell where Asa will end up.

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