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Jill Rische on Warren Jeffs at Issues Etc

Early last month Jill Rische of Walter Martin Ministries put in an appearance on Issues Etc. speaking about Warren Jeffs and the history of polygamy within Mormonism [link]. It makes for fascinating if thoroughly unpleasant listening, and I recommend it.

It’s probably a stretch to suggest that the folks at Issues Etc. decided Warren Jeffs was newsworthy because Mitt Romney was/is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for President, vs. Michele Bachmann, a former Lutheran and one-time guest on Issues Etc. Still, it’s reasonable to ask a couple of things after a discussion like this:

  1. Whether it’s sensible to ask Romney questions about historical Mormonism generally and the behavior of founding Mormons in particular, especially regarding a practice that has been repudiated by the LDS church.
  2. What if anything polygamy as described here bears any resemblance to polygamy as practiced by biblical characters or modern Muslims.

I think we’re in for a fascinating if unpleasant election cycle with Romney and Perry being the 1/1A selections so far; I suspect we’re facing a difficult moment in the Religious Right, where we decide whether we can sensibly vote for Mormons, or whether it’s just okay for them to vote for “us.” So I’m tempted to read that theme into any discussion of Mormonism within Religious Right media between now and the 2012 Convention. Stay tuned.


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