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Nine Eleven, Ten Years Later

We made an honest effort to attend church today, but our toddler fell asleep practically within sight of the church we planned to attend, and we deferred to naps instead of church. We have been surprised on careful observation how much the evidence of Original Sin is masked by careful observance of a regular schedule of naps and snacks. Go figure.

So I can’t tell you what I heard about 9/11 at church today. I’d appreciate your telling me anything you heard about 9/11 at church today.

On a related note, we are looking for a church in the Santa Fe area with an 8AM service. The last I know if went the the way of all flesh when Calvary Santa Fe consolidated their Sunday morning services.

I did manage to catch almost all of a J. Vernon McGee sermon spread across two hours on two local radio stations. He was doing a word study on “wings of eagles,” where he noted that eagles are unclean under the Mosaic dietary laws and proceeded to spend the rest of the hour talking about how various aspects of eagles are symbolic of various aspects of the character of God. I love McGee, not least because he taught his way through the entire Bible and has an accent only a mother could love, but as a modern I’m always leery of any sermon that leans heavily on the interpretation of a word that may or may not be symbolic. As I postmodern I have no idea whether I’m right or wrong. I just don’t remember anything involving eagles being central to understanding Scripture.


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