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a quick correction regarding Calvary Santa Fe

In an earlier post I had suggested that the “Life in Red” outreach I’ve been seeing on the south end of Santa Fe was part of the change in leadership at local independent church Calvary Santa Fe. Recently, after the Life in Red folks sponsored a field day at Edward Ortiz Middle School I took another, closer, look, and it turns out I was wrong: Life in Red is an entirely new church plant [link] affiliated with Victory Life Church in Las Vegas, NM [link], which in turn is an Assemblies of God church.

I can only guess at why Mike and Eldora Morris would set up a church in a storefront literally a stone’s throw from Calvary Santa Fe. I’m guessing new retail space is reasonably priced in our part of town right now (in a way it isn’t downtown), and the two churches are far enough apart that there’s ample parking for all, even on a Sunday morning.

Given the tendencies of the AG to be a bit charismatic, and Calvary to be a bit Reformed, I’d love to know what if anything has been said about either church from the other’s pulpit. Here’s hoping it’s collegial, etc.


  1. July 26, 2013 at 10:53 am

    Well this is not a place I would expect to find correspondence and if ever there were a “late response” it would be now and here simply due to not being aware this was on the web. Life in Red is a “new” church plant in Santa Fe (now past our 3rd year)! We are not affiliated with Victory Life, that is simply the church where Mike, my husband pastored prior to coming to Santa Fe to plant here – but yes, Life in Red is affiliated with the Assemblies of God.

    Regarding our location, Mike checked on around 200 commerical properties before securing our current space next to the south State DVR Building (in the old MVD Buidling). http://www.lifeinred.com Mike Morris felt led specifically to this area and are there to support not only Life in Red’s ministry calling but also the overall spiritual health of Santa Fe. We have truly liked our location quite well but are also glad to be outgrowing it.

    We love the diversity and beauty of the body of Christ and although there have never been any words about Calvary from the leadership or the pulpit… in short, our response & stance to Calvary has always been nothing short of collegial.

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