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Family Values Radio, Phoenix AZ

A few weeks ago I found myself in the Phoenix metro area behind the wheel of a rental car without satellite radio during the morning rush. Phoenix is a large, reasonably well-served media market, and offers some of the usual outlets: K-LOVE, CSN, Family Life Radio and as I’ve mentioned before Harold Camping’s Family Radio.

It also offers a small local two-station network called Family Values Radio [link]. Both stations (KXXT and KXEG) are AM stations, and both carry the same programming stream. Their website offers a live stream [link] but only a partial programming schedule [link]. And that’s a shame, because the few days I was there I heard some of the strangest programming I’ve ever heard on a Christian station.

Family Values Radio offers thirty- and sixty-minute time slots, and these are filled by the usual big names, including Joyce Meyer and Matthew Hagee, son of John, as well as Father Pat Egan, if I’m recalling correctly. It also offers fifteen-minute time slots, and airtime is apparently cheap enough to give a voice to the otherwise voiceless. I heard at least one Messianic Jewish show, a couple of black churches offering a mix of prosperity theology and liberation theology, one preacher mixing the usual prosperity terms (“unleash,” “blessing,” etc.) with a promise that God gives the faithful more satisfying sex.

My favorite, though, was The Word of God is Quick and Powerfull (sic) with Pastor Julia Coleman, a media product apparently available nowhere else. As far as I can tell Ms Coleman pays for the programming herself; she also sings the opening theme, with alternate lyrics to a venerable hymn, and delivers the sermon herself. I only got to hear her a couple of times, but what I heard was something I hadn’t encountered in a long time, and never outside Charismatic churches: one long sentence, in a bold and almost prophetic voice, each phrase starting with something that sounded to me like “My Lord and,” as in

My Lord and I saw the young man

My Lord and I told him he was going to Hell


Unfortunately she does not appear to have a Web presence; I wasn’t able to figure out what her church affiliation was, or where I’d go to hear her speak on a regular basis. Regardless, if you find yourself in the Phoenix area at 8:30 on a Saturday morning I recommend tuning into Family Values Radio; it’s worth 15 minutes of your time. I’d almost guarantee you’ve never heard anything like it.

One last thing: I hereby declare this usage of the term “Family Values” to be entirely empty. Yes I understand it’s a way of saying “Christian” without actually saying “Christian;” does it have to be that transparent? Were there no clever alternatives available? Etc.


  1. March 17, 2011 at 4:45 am

    Wow. I’d love to her that program.

    It is so interesting to listen to Christian radio programs on the radio.

    There’s one guy here in So. Cal (I haven’t heard him for a while) who sounded just like Dracula (from the movies).

  2. Pamela Gathings
    July 17, 2011 at 8:01 am

    Hi Mike, I read your comment and thought I would respond to it. Pastor Julia Coleman has been my pastor for over twenty years and God certainly uses her and the church to help many people. She really preaches it like it is and serves a real God who cares for His people. I know she would not care if I gave you her telephone number but I do not know about putting it on the internet. You can email me if you like at thecompletejanitorialcloset@Gmail.com and I will send it through email. She has 7 or 8 books out that tell it like it is. I met her through a revival she was having in New Mexico and have been there ever since. The church is in Phoenix but she comes to New Mexico every other month. God has helped me through many a struggle and problem in my life through this ministry I have been greatly blessed. She is a real woman of God who loves the Lord and has been preaching since age 14 or 15. She is a fun person and enjoys life but has helped who knows how many people because she puts God first in every thing she does. Some of her book titles. What was that I heard? Was that God speaking? is one of them and another is Time to preach sound doctrine in the day of weak churches. And another is Live Your Life Don’t Waste It. And another is Know the Truth about the Homeless Men, Women and Children and another one is Consecrated to a Prophetic God Brings Forth a Real Prophetic Ministry and another one is Read the Truth and Help Yourself Know the Truth and be Stable and another is Faith that Works. The church is Holy Ghost Filled Baptist Church of Miracles, Inc. I can not say enough good about her and the church. This ministry is for real and teaches against false prophets and getting your life all messed up up behind a false prophecy. God gives real answers. I have seen people get all kinds of miracles in this ministry. I look forward to your email. With kind regards Sincerely, Pamela Gathings

  3. Rea
    August 2, 2011 at 6:46 pm

    Pastor Julia Coleman is my pastor. Our church is located at 4515 N 16th St, in Phoenix, AZ. She can be reached at 6233984263. She loves to hear people being blessed listening to her radio stations! She has 5 broadcasts and they are all anointed! you can also listen to her on the internet, familyvaluesradio.net and click to hear her. Please call Pastor Coleman and let her know you enjoyed the broadcast and hope you can come visit our church. sundays @10:30 a & 7:30p and Weds. @ 7:30p. God bless you. God truly is moving!!!

  4. Mike
    December 19, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    Sorry it’s 3/4 a year too late, but here’s your web presence:

    http://www.1280kxeg.com (don’t worry, it’s for both stations)

    It seems to me they don’t carry the same programming other than certain times they’re live. This makes sense since the 2 transmitters are only separated by a few miles and a whole lot of power: 1010 KXXT transmits 15kW daytime and 250W night, while puny 1280 KXEG transmits 2.5kW during the day and only 49 puny watts at night (it’s one of the old Class-D daytime stations that used to shut down at night).

    BTW, just because ol’ Harold is gone doesn’t mean all those end-of-days preachers are gone: R.G. “Brother” Stair is still on the air and still on 1280 many late nights (as well as as numerous shortwave stations, his own satellite channel…the guy’s loaded! Hmm…).

  5. Sister Irene SMITH
    June 14, 2012 at 6:04 am

    First thank you for your positive comment about pastor coleman broad casts. Our church is located at 4515 n. 16th st.P hoenix, AZ 85016. All are welcome, services time Sun. 10 30a and 7 30p on wednesday. Pastor Colmen is in revival in Oklahoma city, OK every thired week of each month, and has been comming for well over 30. years. The massages that pastor coleman are given, is the anointed word from god. Paster would be so blessed to hear how the radio broadcast has blessed your life, call in sometime. OKC. OK Member HCFB. IS.

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