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Dan Gilgoff outs ten (gasp) “religious companies”

Former US News reporter Dan Gilgoff, author of The Jesus Machine [link], is now co-editor of the CNN Religion blog, and he recently posted a list of seven companies with religious ties [link], a term that varies by company so much I’m not sure what it means. He also included a swat at Chick-fil-A, and later added three more companies (one with Buddhist ties, two more with Christian ties) bring the total to 7, 8, 10, or 11, depending on how and when you count.

I’m embarrassed for Gilgoff; the original article (consisting of the current lead and the bottom seven bullets) was nothing but criticism of companies with conservative Christian, mostly evangelical, leadership, and it produced a mostly-predictable bunch of responses from people who hate the idea of money they spend being used for religion (vaguely defined but mostly meaning antimodernism, hate generally, superstition, etc.); there are some surprising comments about Mormon businesses, a couple declaring Adolf Hitler an observant Roman Catholic, and thankfully no suggestion that someone should smash out the windows in the store fronts of Jewish businesses. What, exactly, Gilgoff had in mind when he put this article together I’m not sure. Certainly he doesn’t mean to suggest that people with strong religious beliefs should be boycotted, that they’re somehow unqualified to run large corporations,  or that evangelical business leaders are somehow scarier/worse than their unmentioned Mormon, Roman Catholic, Jewish, etc. counterparts.

I’d encourage readers to have a look at his article; perhaps Gilgoff makes some well-defined, defensible point in his post and I just plain missed it.


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