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back from the holidays

I’m back from various holidays and various obligations, and looking at a January full of real-world obligations that may keep me offline most of the month. I got a chance to read a James Hefley book and a big chunk of a Kevin Phillips book that just plain curled my hair. Look for summaries later in the week as I have time.

Does anyone remember James C. Hefley? Marti Hefley? Mr Hefley wrote a lot of books (some 70? [link] I really have no idea) but most of them were entirely forgettable. I know I read at least one of his books when I was in middle school, but I couldn’t tell you what its title was if my life depended on it, and none of the extant lists of his works I’ve found ring a bell.

Anyway, Hefley is mostly known for his six-volume chronicle of the conservative resurgence within the Southern Baptist Convention, The Truth in Crisis. If/as I read that I’ll be sure to let you know. Here’s a clue: the book I read left a bad taste in my mouth, like I was reading a book meant for adults but written at a middle-school level. But more on that later.


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