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voting for “the Christian”

The World Wide Web is such a heavily-connected thing, and my interests are so few, that I’m sometimes surprised to see them dovetail. It’s almost like living in a town so small that all your friends are your friends’ friends as well. Here’s an interesting quip from SBC/LifeWay researcher Ed Stetzer’s Facebook page from a couple of months ago, regarding the question of the current President’s religious affiliation:

Ergun Caner said that he was going to cast his vote in the last presidential election for the Christian, and there was only one Christian running. I think he knew something that the majority of other Americans didn’t [link].

I’d love to see this sourced; it seems pretty clear from the context that the author is implying that Senator John McCain would have been the solitary Christian in question (as opposed to Senator Barack Obama and I guess some number of minor party candidates and independents). Alternately, I’d settle for video of Senator McCain discussing the substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ. Those are probably so abundant that you can’t swing a search term without hitting one on C-SPAN or YouTube.

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