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Britney Jones and Courtney Clark

Yesterday I got a fund raising letter from the Liberty University Annual Fund featuring a story on these two women:

including a picture of them in their caps and gowns; Ms Clark is also wearing what appears to be an honor stole; if I remember correctly chords went to cum laude and magna cum laude graduates and stoles to summa cum laude graduates, so if I read the picture correctly Ms Clark graduated from one of the toughest programs at Liberty (really a tough 5-year program crammed into 4 years) with a GPA of 3.9 or better.

The clip above is part of the What’s Your Story campaign and is more or less typical: it’s meant to say “great students come to Liberty for good reasons,” or something like that, but it’s more about Liberty and about stressing continuity between Jerry’s vision and what you’d see if you visited the campus today than it is about the actual great students. If you don’t already know what a prize the Nursing program is you won’t learn it from this clip.

I guess it goes without saying I’m always looking for Liberty alumni who are willing to share their stories. I’m more interested in people who were there from about 1983 on; people from the first ten years are easy to find on the Web even though there aren’t very many of them.

The Annual Fund is described at Liberty’s website as follows:

We invite your participation in Liberty University’s Annual Fund campaign. This campaign raises money for the day-to-day operations of Liberty and funds student financial aid, academic initiatives and university facilities. The fund exists to help bridge the gap between tuition and the actual operating costs of the university.

Liberty has a reputation for turning out hardworking, God-fearing students who impact their world and workplace. We need your help to continue the mission of “Training Champions for Christ” and encourage your gift of any amount.

This looks like another name for what might also be called the general fund: donations that are necessary and appreciated but generally not big enough to warrant special mention; the mailing I got included a form for donations of $10, $25, $50, and other via credit or debit card. Even for a small amount like that I’d be interested to know how much money goes in and out of this fund and where it is spent before I’d want to give anything.

Finally I have to admit I was somewhat amused to see a QR code at the bottom right corner of both pages of the mailing. Back in the proverbial day that might have been mistaken for the Mark of the Beast by an uncharitable party.

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