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YouTube: Patheos Interview with Gina Welch

This is an interview with Gina Welch, author of TRBC travelogue In the Land of Believers. She responds to two questions, which are basically these:

  1. Did your beliefs change during your time at TRBC?
  2. If you weren’t an atheist, would you have become a Christian while at TRBC.

If I understand her correctly, her responses are basically these:

  1. I was really surprised how well Christianity worked for these people.
  2. I’m not an atheist because I’m lacking something.

I think the first question was supposed to be about her religious or spiritual beliefs, and she responds as if the question were about her view of evangelical subculture. To my ears she doesn’t entertain the second question, so she doesn’t answer it.

Also, the “calamity” she refers to is the death of Jerry Falwell; she seems surprised that he could die and the organization could keep functioning.

Finally; the description of the video includes the term “fundamentalist evangelicalism,” which I’d never seen before. I wonder what it means.

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