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“$300 million” Liberty University Budget

As I am gradually easing into the Ergun Caner story I’m looking for various fact claims and . On the July 8 Dividing Line, James White refers to Liberty as a “huge massive money-grabbing monsters that have to bring in over $300 million a year.” The quote is in the mp3 file on this Dividing Line episode, between 28:00 and 29:00.

While I obviously can’t pin down what makes something a huge massive money-grabbing monster, I can find a source for the $300 million figure. Here’s a quote from the Rob Johnson article Roanoke paper from October 2008:

Recreation spending, while on the increase, still represents a small part of the university’s $300 million annual budget, school officials said. They declined to be more specific.

That number would be one or two fiscal years old, so on the basis of the 8% one-year growth rate cited in the article a projection of $324 million or $350 million might be reasonable too. Of course, as with all big round numbers it’s entirely possible that the original number wasn’t um exact. I’d be interested in seeing a second independent source for this.

(I’m still looking for a factual basis that the seminary tripled in size between 2005 and 2010.)

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