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Kregel Defends Ergun Caner Bio-book

I’m glad to see the article in Christianity Today by Timothy C. Morgan here. This is a better article than the earlier one by John W. Kennedy here, which was more of a by-the-numbers “he said, he said” article. This new article touches on recent statements by Norman Geisler (including this one) as well as the credibility of Caner’s book published by Kregel.

I dread getting into the Caner situation, partly because it is so complicated and unsavory; partly because quality sources are so hard to come by; partly because I dread having to watch all the Caner videos I would need to watch to be fully informed.

I’m glad to see Morgan asking questions of Kregel; when I was looking into the accusations against Caner for my own benefit I went to the Google Books version of Unveiling Islam to see how the Caner brothers described their relationship with their father’s home country (Turkey). I tend to agree with Geisler’s assertion that what Caner has published should be considered the definitive version of his life story and his public comments should be measured against that; I’m not sure I can agree with Geisler’s characterization of the entire situation.

I guess I need to dig into the details.

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